Sea Offshore Services provide a range of specialised equipment with flexibility for our Clients giving short and long term rental options. We hold large quantities of stock which allows us to achieve quick turnaround and meet the demands of our Clients, thus remaining productive.

e-offshore-containersRigging Lofts:
Designed to meet Client requirements incorporating LOLER and LEEA standards. Certification and Colour Coding will be managed under our innovative Rigging Loft Management System. Available in various sizes based on purpose and requirements.

Diving EquipmentDiving Equipment:
Supply of all diving requirements from LARS, Hyberbaric Chamber, Compressors through to Suits and Consumables.

We provide various types of scaffolding and maintain stock to ensure a competitive edge by allowing quick turnaround time on requirements.

Trenching Equipment:
Full trenching spreads are available for near shore, shallow water and deep water. Our proven record has achieved good results in extremely hard soils.

ROV Equipment:
We supply all spare parts and servicing against your existing ROV spreads.

9117596 origOffshore Containers:
Provider of ISO Containers which can be modified to suit your needs - workshops, accommodation or any other requirement that you may have.